Anti-fouling bottom paint removal can be a daunting long process by sanding or where different methods such as sanding or soda blasting can cause marinas to be unhappy with containment and dust. At StopLess Blasting we need only minimal containment (drop plastic for catching removed paint and abrasive) which in turn means to less cleanup process and most of all almost no dust (97% less). On most cases marina's see our process and agree to let the boat stay at its pull out location on land and there is no need to move the vessel to a paint booth or containment area. Less lift fees! Normally we have other work going on at the same time as we are blasting due to the lessen blast radius danger area since only vapor goes airborne. Less time out of the water means more savings! Other claim to do what we do but we guarantee it. This in turn leaves a happy marina, and the savings are passed on to the boat owner. Our Eco-friendly system is proven and reliable from a blast company 75 years building blast machines.

Fiberglass Hulls- We can bring down the paint layer by layer and leave a nice 80-100 grit surface ready to paint. 

Aluminum and Steal Hulls- We also can blast surfaces where the friction from other methods cause warping or expansion and contraction. This is due to no heat blasting from the combination of water and abrasive.


Weather your stripping down a '69 Camaro to restore or taking the powder coating off a C5 Jeep's roll cage we got you covered. With vapor blasting your body panels wont warp due to no heat. We can also blast right where your car is parked. Minimal containment needed. We can strip a car in under an hour and with added flash rust inhibitor you'll have time to prepare. We use only non-hazardous, biodegradable, phosphate free, additives for this process. This also removes chlorides, salt, and any contaminants from your vehicle. 

Home and Buildings

Stucco, building paint, roof, marble, stone, brick, pools, statues, sidewalks, driveways, weather staining, outdoor furniture, you name it. We can vapor blast it and restore your surfaces to original or prepare for new coating. We can also blast wood decking and trim bringing it back to its glory.


Factory and heavy equipment, grime and build up, road marker removal, industrial tanks, gas and propane tanks, pipeline maintence, we do it all. Let us know where your needs lye and we'll be there to get it done. 

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is a problem that every coummity has and we have the quick solution for it. We can remove only the graffiti and leave the original painted surface!